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Monday, May 4th, 2009
3:29 pm - Eating Gluten agian
So I'm eating my normal, whatever the hell I want, diet right now. I wanna wait till my sinus infection is all cleared up before trying cutting anything again, though I intend to keep limiting my dairy.

I don't want to do anything productive today. I'm just feeling incredibly lazy. But at least I reorganized the pantry. Next I need to do the fridge.

I slept for about 14 hours last night... and now I'm still really sleepy. And I'd actually been waking up pretty awake lately, instead of laying in bed forever.

current mood: lazy

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Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
12:20 am - Fried Calamari Recipe and life
So I just got a new antibiotic. I definitely either am getting a new sinus infection or am still suffering from the one that hit me a few weeks ago that I didn't get treated for. I'm really trying hard to figure out *why* I keep getting them, and to kill this one.

To that end, I'm now dropping dairy as well from my diet. I talked to my doctor and he thought that was probably a more likely culprit than the gluten. I'm planning to keep avoiding gluten though for now, partially just because I don't want to throw my body off. Started the dairy free thing yesterday. Which is slightly more confusing than gluten free, cause even if something says dairy free, it might still have caesian (dairy protein) in it, which is still a problem. Blah, so much to keep track of.

Oh, and I got a bike! Renna has been really really good about running beside me on it (she's on a leash, its tied to my bike). Today we went to the bank and a few other errands and back, about an hour and a half total trip. She now seems somewhat tired. I want to try to bike with her every day, but I'll be happy with every other day.

Anyways, I made Gluten free Tempura Calamari tonight and it was delicious. So I thought I'd share the recipe I used. Its not too hard to make, and really, rice flour makes better and crispier calamari than wheat flour. I always wondered why I liked some tempura and not others, now I'm pretty sure that the restaurants I liked were using rice flour. Calamari, at least up here in the NW, is also pretty cheap right now (about $5 a pound) which is what caused me to try this out.
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current mood: chipper

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
10:45 pm - Kitty being cute and Zyrtec D
First, Mara was being cute/onery today and having experiences outside on my parents balcony. I was visiting them for the last week, and Mara usually goes with me. So I took her out on the porch. First, she walks around trying to see if she can make it out between the floor and bottom of the railing (which is pretty solid). When she realizes she can't, she then jumps up on the edge and starts walking around looking for ground she can jump on. She both found the corner closest to the ground (second floor balcony) and then when I stopped her from that, she decided that she might as well jump down from anywhere. I grabbed her before she could, but she had her paws headed down the other side of the railing. Silly cat. We're back home safe and sound now, and she did fine in the car again. As long as I drug her a little.
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current mood: sleepy

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Monday, April 13th, 2009
1:39 pm - Carrie Fisher is awesome.
Saw Carrie Fisher's one woman show yesterday, and it was amazing. It was called Wishful Drinking and she is just hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing. And it was pretty much just about her life, and she's had a lot of bad stuff happen that she made hilarious. I couldn't help but think this is the kind of stand up comedy act Yucee/Heather would do in twenty years.

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current mood: cheerful

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Saturday, April 11th, 2009
5:20 pm - playing catch up
So I forgot to journal for a few days now.

Doing okay, sinuses just slightly stuffed up. So at the moment, I pretty much feel normal, but my normal. So no better or worse than I do on an average day. Occasional headaches, allergy pills cure stuffed up nose, etc.

Drank some diet coke w splenda the other day, had small headache. Drank Diet Pepsi, big sharp headache like I had before I cut caffeine. I do think its the aspertame, but I'm not sure yet.

Right now the fun of trying new stuff is wearing off and I'm starting to not want to have to think about whether or not things have gluten in them. I think thats probably because I'm not seeing any changes. But I really do want to keep with this for at least a month, probably two, so that I can have a real trail with real results.

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Sunday, April 5th, 2009
1:08 am - Feeling a lot better
Okay, so my sinuses seem to be finally draining and I'm back to sleeping like 13 hours in a row, which for me is more normal than 4 hour increments (though I think I get more done when its four hours).
Talking about my nose, which hates me slightly less..Collapse )
Yesterday I had a pretty constant headache that was about a 4 most of the day, but I got out and did some grocery shopping and a few other things. I ate some TJs tacos and then some shells and white cheddar goat cheese. And a macaroon. Went to bed around 1 am I think. Had a lot of slightly bloody noses through the day. Nose very dry.

Woke up around 2 pm and felt pretty okay. Ate honey nut Os with almond milk. Not as bad as I was fearing. I'm gonna try to drink less milk I think for a little while. Not too much of a headache today, maybe a 3 when it was around. Used the water pick to clean out my nose and that seemed to have helped a lot. Still very runny nose though, and the mucus is kind of a yellow, but runny. I feel like this is getting over though, and that my sinuses are actually clearing up, which hasn't seemed to happen after any of the sinus infections i've had this fall.

Ate some TJs tacos and a yummy salad with tomato, almonds, and crispy green beans for dinner/late lunch, then I babysat for a few hours. Then came home and made a yummy risotto and balsamic salmon. Never made risotto before, but it turned out yummy. Head started to hurt a lot more as I was eating though and it had been fine up until then. Now I'm gonna play ds a bit and then go to sleep.

current mood: cheerful

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Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
4:08 pm - I like sleeping...
So I finally slept for 13 hours last night, only woke up once to have to take an allergy pill and refill the humidifier. This is a successful night, since for the last few days I've been sleeping around the clock in about four hour increments. Eating a good sized lunch too, while I'm feeling hungry. Chicken and rice, veggies, coconut milk, and yellow curry sauce. Yummy. Lots of flavor, which I like when I'm having trouble breathing/tasting stuff.

Headache is down to a 4-5 while in bed, going up to about a 6 when I stand up and move around. First moment when I stand up hurts the worse.

I've been asking around about if the sinus problems could be connected to gluten free, and of course I'm getting a million different answers and theories. Which is great, because it gives me new things to consider.

I forgot to mention before, that going gluten free is just the first step in my "try to figure out why i feel icky" plan. It seemed like the easiest diet to me, because while I enjoy gluten products, like pizza, I can live with out them. Next step is a larger elimination diet from a book I have about migraines (basic premise is that everything, from sinuses to migraines and even back pain, go back to migraine triggers and having too many triggers in your system (food, stress, weather, hormones) leads to the problems). But that diet involves a lot more things being cut, and therefore I'm saving that for next.

More babbling about my sinuses...Collapse )

current mood: awake

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Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
10:14 pm - Beginning of the Gluten Free Diet.
Okay, so there is a reason I'm journaling all my gluten free stuff. And that's cause the last few days I’ve felt like crap. And I want to accurately get everything down so I can look back later and try to draw some conclusions. But first I need to talk about the first few days on the new diet.

First day was awesome, trying new stuff, excited about a new cookbook. I did a have a bit of a cold then, a mild cough. This was Wednesday the 25th of March.

Next few days, doing good. Made gluten free crepes, spent a ton of money at Trader Joes, went out to eat, etc. Life is good.
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current mood: confused

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9:41 pm - Going Gluten Free
All right, so I don't use my lj for must these days. So at the moment, I'm going to use it to keep track of how I feel as I go gluten free, so that I can look back and not just have to rely on my memory. The reason I'm not making this private is that I want feedback from any of my friends who might be gluten free or know someone who is (plus, a little bit of “oh, I’m sorry you feel like crap right now” isn’t bad either).

But yes, I will put the details behind a cut. And sometimes things might get a little TMI. But I need to keep track of all this for myself. And maybe some of the stuff I say will make friends look at their diet more closely and look for foods that might be bad for their bodies.

The main reasons I'm going Gluten Free (or things I hope get better):
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So, the way I understand it, in a very basic way, gluten gunks up your small intestines, which affects how you absorb nutrients, which therefore affects your whole body. Which probably helps explain why even though I’ve changed my diet a lot lately, I’m eating a ton more veggies, I’m not really feeling all that much better. I often wondered if I might have anemia, but I had a doctor test for that last year and I was fine.

I don’t have any health insurance right now, so I’m completely self (and google) diagnosing, as well as talking to a friend who is big on nutrition studies, and recently went gluten free. In addition, I’ve met and talked to a lot of people just at grocery stores and other places who have a gluten problem. I figure it can’t hurt to try a new diet (well, see my next post about the last few days before I say that.), and I don’t really see the point in getting a diagnosis if the diet works, because unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do if you’re gluten intolerant, besides not eat gluten.

current mood: drained

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Friday, December 19th, 2008
4:50 am - So i only post when its bad....
So, I crashed my car.  I tried to get up an icy hill that I didn't know was icy, and slid right back down and into another car. Damage wasn't too bad at that point, but then a few minutes after I got out of a car, another car slid down and right into mine, sandwiching it between the first car I hit and the next.  Then later, another car hit that car, and yet another car hit my back end.  

I know understand why Portlanders hate snow.  Its the damn ice and hills.  I mean, I can drive in snow and ice, I grew up in Nebraska.  But these damn hills/small mountains. They change everything. Plus, of course with the higher evelation they get more snow and ice in those areas.

So, my car is still sandwiched. I have no idea what the real damage is yet or if its going to be fixable.

I'm fine though.  The slide was actually pretty slow and the initial hit wasn't that bad.  But emotionally...  I was fine as well as the first hit.  It was seeing the second car (actually fourth in the lineup, cause the car I hit had already hit another, so I was third in line) smash into mine that did me in.  I still keep seeing that in my mind, and wanting to cry for my car. I know its only a peice of plastic, but its also my freedom and my job, and ... I love driving. And I loved that car. and I hope I can still love it.

I did take Heather's car out to the store yesterday evening, partially just to prove to myself that I could still drive.  And that was fine. And I've decided to get a DS to cheer me up.  But... I can't sleep very well.   Just keep thinking about all of this whenever I try to sleep.

I'll update when I know more about my car.  Maybe I'll post pictures when I get them off my phone. 

current mood: depressed

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
9:51 pm - Headed back for Anime NebrasKon
All righty Lincoln peoples, I will be back in Nebraska soon for Anime NebrasKon, so I'd better see you guys there, the 14th-16th.  Message me if you want to hang out when I'm in town or e-mail, and I can also give you my current cell phone number.

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Sunday, June 1st, 2008
8:39 pm - Graduating!

I am going to be graduating with my Masters Degree in Publishing on June 14th. I can’t believe it's almost over.  I just have to pass my last two classes, which shouldn’t be hard.  So now I'm desperately job hunting so that I can start the next phase of my life.  So far, some interviews, but no job offers. I might be getting a contract job though, I have to bid for it so hopefully I can figure out how to do that correctly.

Anyways, so, yeah!  Wow, can’t believe it.

… if anyone wants to give me graduation presents, here’s my Amazon wish list.  ^_^  Just saying.


current mood: wow

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Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
6:57 pm - Changes
So I decided that with school starting next week as well as turning 24, I wanted a change. So I cut my hair. Relativly short. ..... and then promptly threw up because I don react to change well. -_-

... The picture in my icon is a pretty good idea of how long it used to be.

Damn it, I'm supposed to be on my way to Seattle right now, but I was feeling too sick to make it.

current mood: freaked

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Saturday, September 8th, 2007
3:04 pm - Little Mermaid Musical
I had the great pleasure of seeing the Little Mermaid musical tonight, and it was… wow. Fantastic. Happy. Cute. Everything I want a fairytale to be. It’s hard to have a funny, romantic, and fantastical musical I think–too often it gets drama heavy, the songs are too shrill (due to lots of high pitched girls), or the humor takes center stage and obscures the romance.

Just like when I came out of Stardust, all I could think at the end of night was how darn happy I was and how cute the musical had been. This is the Disney version, but bits have been rewritten to give King Triton, Ursula, and Prince Eric more back story and personality. Of course, there are also a great deal of new songs and all the old favorites. The only scene I noticed missing was when the sharks chase them, but oh well. A bit of the ending was changed as well, due to changes made previously in the musical. The biggest changes are that Ursula is Triton’s sister in the musical and their father left half the sea to each of them, and then Ursala acted up and Triton banished her. Also, Ursula never takes on human shape, but instead attacks them at the palace at the end. It all worked out though and things stayed essentially the same. I really liked the additions to Eric’s characters and that we do see that while Eric and Ariel have love at first sight, it also grows from there. One great scene is a song about how dancing can be just another language and it’s the beginning of Eric and Ariel’s infatuation growing into love.

Plus, Flotsam and Jetsam rock! So did Ursula. And Flounder’s actor was adorable.

Staging was also beautiful, with Eric’s boat coming down from above the stage and the waves constantly go up and down to signify if they are on land or in the water. Underwater creatures use heelies (those sneakers where you walk on the toes and skate on the heels) to glide and dance around the stage and black lights and fluorescents are used to create the underwater world.

If you get a chance (and you like musicals) see this! It’s finishing up the pre-Broadway tour in Denver on Sunday, and then it goes on to Broadway. Unfortunately, it’ll probably cost a gazillion dollars to see it on Broadway, but when it goes on tour and hits your town, remember to check it out!

Oh, and Young Frankenstein was also wonderful. I’ve had a musical filled month and saw Spamalot the night before Young Frankenstein as well. The lead was wonderful, being the pharmacist from Desperate Housewives and also the gay assistant to the director in Producers. He was adorably crazy and it was a great adaptation of the movie.

Anyways, sadly, my musical month is over. Nothing to see until Whistle Down the Wind, unless I decide to go by myself to Camelot.

current mood: happy

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Sunday, August 12th, 2007
8:43 pm - Update on life
Well, lets see. I had a full time job for a while with the consumer justice group, working as an online community builder and creating linkbacks with other websites. That job is over now, it was only a two month gig, though hopefully I'll be back there in September part-time. I had a good time there and it was a nice relaxed office with awesome coworkers and boss. Now I'm hoping to find some babysitting work while working on my websites.

I'm still doing my book blog, Bookwyrm Chyrsalis (which has an rss feed for LJ)

My survival guides are still one of my projects and I'm redoing my site with Joomla and driving myself crazy doing that.

Otherwise, not a whole lot going on. On a strange cleaning frenzy and watching Lost with Heather when she gets off of work at night. Been fun to just hang out with her again, life seems to have kept us on different schedules for a while.

Mara had her teeth cleaned a few days ago so she spent a bit sulking, though now she's back to normal.

My writing hasn't been happening lately, just not felt up to it. Creative energies have been going towards websites and such.

Well, I guess thats all I can think of to say.

current mood: bouncy

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Monday, May 7th, 2007
2:13 pm - Writing Update
50,000 Words ^_______^
As of last night, my current novel (The one about the scrolls for anyone I've ranted to) has reached 50,000 words. This is a major accomplishment for me and the furthest any of my novels have gotten. I estimate another 5-10K to be finished, so hopefully this week, depending on school work.

I took the first two chapters into class last week and got some great responses, which finally gave me the energy and desire to start working on this again. It had been lingering at about 47K for the last couple of months. Didn't help that I needed to rethink some plot points. But now I've got it all plotted out and I'm sure there are a million things I need to fix on the second draft but... OMG, 50K ^_^

... I need a writing icon.

current mood: creative

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
1:00 am - One down, four to perfect...
I officially declare book one done. That is at least, until after Sakura Con.
Now to get four more donee... ;_; and then die.


So Cosplay is essentially done. As in, it needs some final tweaks, but then I should be ready to print. Parents and Self-pub probably have another hour of writing each, then tweaks. Publishing Industry is the farthest behind, though I do have some written. So tonight, I'm gonna type up whats written to send to Chelsea, then work on new stuff. I need to be all done with writing by tomorrow evening, or else I'm even more doomed than I already am.
But I have faith. And determination. And apparently no need to sleep.

current mood: accomplished

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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
12:55 am - Website design
Okay, so I've been working on these convention book projects, as some of you may have heard me babble about. I finally got the website done to a point where I want opinions.

http://www.otakusurvivalguide.com/ (it will be shorter in the future, I just have to fix something with my domain package)

Anyways, what are people's initial thoughts? Colors, design, etc?

None of the links work right now, but a template for the subpages is like this http://www.otakusurvivalguide.com/books.html

Thanks in advance for any comments and critique ^_^

.... and thanks for all the dear comments and thoughts through a rather rough time. I'm doing better right now. Though I just found my digital camera and probably took at least 20 pictures of my cat over the last few days. I'll probably show off a few as soon as I remember to stick them on my computer.
The pain is duller now... but I'm still prone to suddenly crying when I remember that Taco is gone. Emotional meltdowns at three in the morning when nobody else is online aren't fun.

current mood: thoughtful

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
11:30 pm - RIP Taco kitty. -_-
Well... Taco passed away tonight. He was warm and loved when he went. I knew it was coming, but we thought he might have a few more days. I was planning to go up there this weekend.

... I feel like I should be sadder than I am, but its kind of a relief. I hated seeing him in pain, and not knowing when was the worst part. We still don't know what he had and my parents are planning to have an autopsy done to find out. Probably cancer though. He just wasn't eating, once they stopped giving him the appetite encouragent and... it was peaceful at least.

Apparently, most cats yowl when they die, because they lose their hearing. They also tend to look around to make sure their people/pack are safe before they can go. At least thats what the vet told my mom, and she said taco did that. ... I'll miss him. He was a good cuddler, loved to purr on your lap while watching a movie. Always had to sleep on the opposite side of the couch from where ever he'd jumped up from.

I'm gonna go cuddle my Mara some more.

current mood: pensive

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Sunday, February 4th, 2007
3:19 pm - Kitty Update
Taco is eating a bit by himself now, which is really great. Not enough that we don't have to keep feeding him, but at least he's showing a tiny bit of interest in food. He woke me up by crunchy away at his dry food last night ^_^

This morning though, he was so fast asleep that I couldn't wake him by just touching him, like you usually can with a cat. I don't know whats up with that, if he was just so exahusted from fighting this. And his eyes are kind of strange sometimes - he looks out with part of the inner covering going over his eyes (kind of like when you look at someone and they're eyelids are still part open and you just see the whites of the eyes...) So I don't know what is going on with that.

Princess (other kitty) seems to be kind of annoyed at how much spoiling taco is getting. But we make sure to give her extra food too.

current mood: exhausted

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